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Exhibitions & Workshops

Exhibitions 2024

Ask Kvamme

Jun 15th – Jul 12th

Lars Aurtande

Jul 13th – Aug 16th

Marta Ry + Sunniva Westermoen

Aug 17th – Sep 13th

Mia Ewings

Sep 14th – Oct 18th

Lise Hopland

Oct 19th – Nov 15th

Workshops 2024

Trykk uten (og med) trykkpresse

Marta Ry, March 16th

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About us

Confetti = Happiness

In 2016 three illustrators started Blekk as a place to showcase their art to both locals and visitors. Since then, Blekk has grown to become an art collective that houses the works of over twenty different local artists and illustrators. We have regular exhibitions on our gallery wall, and also host the occasional workshop for those who would like to learn some new skills and techniques.

We believe strongly that people need colour in their lives, either literally or figuratively, to be happy. And we do our best to do our part in this regard. To be the confetti, sprinkles and balloons that hopefully puts a smile on people's faces!

Here at Blekk, we celebrate the fact that art and culture brings people together, and that we all have our own personal journeys.

We wish to create a space where you can get lost in a world of personal expression; where you get the chance to connect with something someone created and keep it forever!

The Artists

Blekk is an artist-run gallery. This means that everything from administration to keeping the shop open is done by the very same artists who make all the beautiful art!

Andreas Servan

Illustrator & Motion Designer


Co-founder and administrator of Blekk. After studying illustration, art and visual communication, he started Blekk together with Hilde Elise Vie and Nina Jensen. After working as a Motion Designer in the marketing business for 6 years, he decided to go freelance.

Hilde Elise Vie

Illustrator & Street Artist


Mia Ewings


Ask Kvamme


Lise Hopland

Illustrator & Artist

Marta Ry


Viktorija Semjonova


Katrin Berge


Printing Services

Would you like to see your art or photo as a high quality art print?

Art printing

What is a fine art print?

Fine art prints, sometimes called giclée prints, are high quality inkjet prints. The inks, papers and printers are all of certified qualities that ensure that the prints are UV and fade resistant. Take good care of it, and it will look as good as new for generations!

We use the same process for printing our own art work as we do for our customers, so come by our shop if you would like to see some examples in person!

Our process

What equipment and paper do we use?

At Blekk we use an Epson SC-P800 printer. It uses a set of 8 different high quality inks that produce stunning reproductions of digital files.

We currently use two different paper types:

Hahnemühle William Turner 190g/310g (A2)

This is a cotton rag with water color paper texture, and is our go-to paper for all our art prints.

Epson Archival Matte 189g (A4/A3)

A cheaper paper, but still of excellent quality. Cellulose-based paper, non-textured paper with a matte finish. Recommended for cards and low budget productions.


How to get your art printed

Send us the file(s) you want printed to our email:


If your files are too big to send in an email, we can recommend free file sharing services like wetransfer.com or filemail.com.

It is highly recommended that your files are ready for print:

- Color corrected

- Formated to the right size

- 300 DPI
- White margin of at least 3 millimeters.

If you need help readying a file for printing, contact us and we'll figure out a deal!


Our prices in NOK (incl. taxes)

William Turner 190g/310g

A5: 100,-

A4: 200,-

A3: 300,-

A2: 500,-

Archival Matte 189g

A5: 50,-

A4: 100,-

A3: 200,-

File editing (if agreed on)

625,- per hour


Need a custom illustration, animation, hand drawn design?

Our network of freelancers is steadily growing! If you would like us to put you in contact with someone, let us know! We know people who work with illustration, graphic design, animation, motion design, murals, paintings, workshops and much more!